I Can't Think Straight

8:53 PM

The amount of gay movies I've seen in my lifetimes asks the question if I'm gay. Answer: no, but I like a good romantic movie. Here's one I'm going to add to my eventual large dvd collection, I Can't Think Straight.

It is about two women, a Jordanian woman who has just been engaged for the fourth time, Tala, and an Indian woman who lives in England, Leyla. They met through Leyla's boyfriend at the time and soon became friends. Then their friendship became more, but Tala is engaged and she "can't" go against her society and her culture and goes back to Jordan to marry her fiance. Although she is in the midst of all the wedding festivities, Tala is conflicted. Does she continue with the wedding with the man she cares for but who she is not in love with or does she follow her heart and be true to herself?

Well, I'm telling you the answer just look it up on the internet and watch it. I think this movie is going right under Boy Culture and above Latter Days in my list of favourite gay movies.

Anyway, here is the trailer:

P.S. The poster makes it appear way sexier that it is.

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