I Walked

7:48 PM

As you know from The Awakening Project, I wanted to lose some weight and of late I have been doing exercise videos, well one, Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred. I've been doing it in the morning and it feels fake, when I say fake, I'm not seeing results, I'm waking up early and I'm not getting into it, it's more of a chore that I know I have to do.

Let me back up a bit, now let me explain the reason for my weight gain. When I was younger I was skinny, then I went to college. No I didn't get the freshman 15, as I lived in NYC and would get around by walking and taking the subway. Basically, I was exercising as I was going about my day. Other colleges perhaps had elevators that the students used, FIT, had escalators, so if you were in a hurry you ran up those escalators. Once again exercise. Then there was Brooklyn, I loved Brooklyn (why did I leave NYC), now I had a good 5 minute walk to the subway station, climbing stairs at the subway stations another 5 minute walk in Manhattan. I think that would be considered exercise.

Oh and then there is the first car stair climb. There are a few of us subway riders who hate being stuck in the crowd coming off at a station. What we would do is position our selves at the first door in the first compartment. As soon as the doors open we would rush up and fly up the stairs taking the steps in twos, so we are stepping on every other step. There was something awesome being the first person out. It was a race of sorts. Also keep in mind after you get up those stairs you have to go through a limited amount of turnstiles and can you imagine the bottle neck if you came up with the crowd. Basically it was exercise.

Then I came back to Antigua, to get around I used a car, at the beginning I had a little bit of exercise in my everyday. Once my office was upstairs so I had a bit of stairmaster exercise going on. Then it went down stairs, then there was stress and more time sitting on my ass than lifting lumber and the sort. I gained weight.

So I sat down and brainstormed about why I was so trim in NYC and gaining weight in Wadadli and the above came to me. So I thought well why not walk it is one of the things I can get into. This afternoon I threw on some worn clothes and walked. The funny thing about walking is I don't feel it, my brain doesn't register it until I stop and then I realize that I'm sweating and my body is getting tired. It was cool, I think I will be sleeping in and walking in the afternoon. Then again I'll mix it up.

While I was walking I took these pics with my cell phone.

I have a thing for skies. Especially when they remind me of what old movies showed God. When you can actually see the sun beams over the edges of clouds.

Well that's it for this post. I walked.

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