My Future Store

7:17 PM

Now I've mentioned The Awakening Project and listed some of the things I wanted in my lifetime. Well this is the place I want to have my store. I doubt I will keep it that orange colour, if I did I would change the light green to brown. I like it because it's small and neat and I can see myself utilizing the space well.

The funny thing is I've had my eye on that store for a while, my version of the Law of Attraction and with my experience with retail, I knew the store in it now would not last. So one day, I was walking towards it and I noticed the closed sign. This is weird since it was 3-something in the afternoon. When I got to the door, I noticed two padlocks, not one, people, two. This is how a landlord lets the tenant know they want to get their outstanding rent.

Now, Here is an opportunity, but I'm not ready. Now thinking about it, I better get ready. I could contact the landlord and find out if and/or when he thinks this tenant would be moving on and when he will be renting it. I will start working on my business plan and product line for the store. And I will get myself in a position to take advantage of this opportunity.

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