Paper Heart

9:21 PM

I want to see this movie, I know for a fact that it won't hit the island, so I'm going to have to figure something out. Okay, here is what I got from IMDB:

Does love exist? This charming film's goal is to find out. "Chuck" professes to not believe in love but after the first few minutes of the film, the viewer starts to get the idea that perhaps she just hasn't found the "right one". She sets out to film a documentary about love and interviews those who have found it, those who have lost it and those who haven't quite gotten there yet. And then, Michael (Cera) comes into the picture, and Chuck starts to drop the veil she's kept over her heart. At some points moving and other points laugh-out-loud funny, the viewer finds herself cheering these two on and hoping they find love.

I'm interested because although I am focusing on other parts of my life, I still have the desire to love and be loved. To love... Cheers!!!

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