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Here is a quick update:

Fat Smash Diet - I smashed it, I did it without realizing it when I stir fried my tofu. What I am doing in it's place is eating better. I realized that my diet before was chuck full of carbs - cereal, sandwiches, pasta, more sandwiches. It lacked protein and fiber, so I've been eating rounder meals, there are actually vegetables in my fridge. I'm also eating more smaller meals, so when I burn off the food, I eat more so I don't feel hungry and I'm keeping my metabolism up. I'm keeping the exercise plan where I exercise 5 days, I think I need a little break now and then so 5 days are good. The Jackie Warner is pretty cool, I did lower body as I am pear shaped and it's the weight down there I want to lose. My upper body is not too bad and I still can't get the hang of push ups. So I'm taking this approach, I just have to stick to it for 21 days, then a month, then two months and grow till it's the rest of my life.

NG and Zen - I'm converting the meaning of NG from New Guy to No Good. I called on multiple occasions and it's either the phone ring out or it goes to voice mail. Nice piece of work, huh? At first I felt bad, but then I realize what the hell, I don't need him, people think I am fabulous as I am. His purpose was to drag my thoughts away from OG and it worked. So when it comes to him, forget about it. I've already deleted his number from my phone.

Yesterday, I called Zen. It's not a hook up situation, it was me having fun. The idea popped into my mind to ask him what colour underwear he was wearing and instead of censoring myself which would leave me arguing with myself about if I should or should not ask the question for days, I asked. I asked and he said none, he always amazes me. There are times he pops into my mind and I don't want to make him off limits because that would make me think of him more, so he's there. There is no bitterness on my side and none on his. He's the last guy I slept with and he probably slept with tons of women since, but he won't say. I've accepted that he is not the one. It sometimes gets hard believing that the one will come along, but I got to keep on believing.

The Store - I gave in my application and I am a candidate. I heard that there is another store that is bigger and cheaper in the same Quay but it's not on the main street. I was contemplating it and even my thoughts were going in that direction, but I won't put my focus on it. It is that store or nothing. In fact, I'm going to ask the Quay's manager if it is possible for me to see inside the space I want to get. I will get it.

Other Stuff - I reclaimed my screens on Saturday, taped them up on Sunday and coated them on Monday (I'm going to have to buy some emulsion and in a bigger amount). I sewed a shirt last night (it could have, I should put more tension in the neck band, maintain the tension in the arm bands and release the tension in the hem band), it's a work in progress. I also did a prototype of a match book pad that I found on Design Sponge. For me, personally, it's a great product because sometimes I get a great idea and I have nothing to write it down on, but the match book pad is small enough to put in my back pocket. I'm also thinking of making some with text, one of which is a fun drinks match book which has the recipes for fun drinks. Sometimes bartenders don't know how to make some drinks so you can pull it out and give them to make the drink for you. It would be small enough and will hold just a few drinks so you don't have to waste time trying to find the drink.

So that is my update.

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