Food Inc.

11:03 AM

This made me think back to when I lived in NYC. When I lived on campus, a Whole Foods opened down the avenue from the dorms and I started to buy from there. I'll be honest where I say I didn't buy a lot of food because it was still a foreign concept to me and I stuck to what I knew which is a good thing because I stocked less food that I would be snacking absentmindedly and I was eating healthier.

Of course, I moved off campus and to Brooklyn with a regular supermarket up the road. I think I maintained a balance where as I kept eating healthy food but I enjoyed the bad things as well. May I add that I miss the Goya products, I love the beans with sauce.

Then I moved back to Antigua and I'm not saying I ate worse but I didn't eat as good as I did on campus. Not to mention becoming more sedentry. I digress.

I think when it comes to food it comes down to convenience and price. We are so busy doing some many other things that to go shopping for proper food is a chore, to make a conscious effort to make a decent meal is so overrated and prehistoric. When cooking is considered a hobby you pick up as opposed to a part of life, it makes me question what is really going on.

The funny thing with films like this and Michael Moore's Sicko is there is such public distress from the middle class and then something else comes up and we forget about it. Our personal dramas puts it in the background. It's sad but it's a reality. What I'm personally afraid of is becoming one of the humans from Wall-E being streamed entertainment and food.

I am definitely going to be on a look out for this online, I know I won't be seeing it down here.

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