Fire Pits

12:49 PM

This morning, the business across the way had started a controlled fire and I caught a glimpse of it (well you can't miss it). It brought me back to when I was a kid and the folks would set a fire in the yard to burn old papers and other junk that can burn. I guess from an early age I've been fascinated by fire and my thought drifted to fire pits. Just imagine a cool to cold evening on a comfy chair out in the open and a fire pit in front of you and the stars up above. Imagine curled up with that special person and talking about everything under the sun or just watching the fire burn. Added bonus marshmallows (one of my weak spots). Somehow a fire is hypnotic, like when you throw a piece of paper in and depending on the paper, it curls up and the edges turn brown and it is quickly disappears or plastic which if memory serves me right melts into a small piece.

In my dream house, I will build a fire pit and some days the family can pretend to be American Indians and dance around it or just tell stories. Here are a few that look cool to me.

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