Hump Day Movies

7:54 PM

Okay, I didn't eat properly today so I'm pretty logey today so I'm taking a Hump Day Holiday from my usual after work work. And to commemorate this day I will present you with trailers that I want to see when they come out. Yeah!!!

I don't know why but I have a thing for Bruce Willis.

It may be cheesy, but I love cheese. I especially like it when you grill it on bread in the broiler at the bottom of the stove and it burns on the top. MMMm mmm good. Good times. Ah to be a kid again.

Love, New York, what more can I say. Honestly speaking, it maybe a movie filled with stars and the plot might be hard to follow. Does "Maybe He's Not Into You" ring any bells.

Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp, Beautiful backdrops at Christmas time. I will be there.

I love the last part of this trailer. Only reason it's here.

I think this may be endearing. Plus it shows the dynamics of a father and child relationship. One part that hit a core with me in this trailer is when DeNiro said that the kids told their mom everything and asked why couldn't they do that with him. For me and my dad, I think it is a matter that he has a way of devaluing some of the things I say. I'm not being self-centered or anything, but I think I am an intelligent human being and although 100% of the things I say may not be valid, I think I'm rocking a good 75%. Anyway, it will take a while before I could have the caliber of conversation I have with my mom with my dad.

I drifted at the end, and I'm going to stop now as I have a very shitty internet connecting so it takes a while for me to watch the new trailers and decide if their worthy. Also I've putting off brainstorming on a new direction my life would be heading. Drifting again, I should make a label called drift wood.

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