This Is What I Want

8:29 PM

As I was visiting one of my favourite blogs, Le Love and I saw this clip and then that is when it hit me like a cymbal to my head. This is what I crave. A candid conversation between to individuals and the sharing of ideas. Somehow climbing into another persons brain and seeing the world through their eyes. Plus it doesn't have to be just between a man and woman, but with anyone. I like the idea of just walking around and talking.

This reminds me of a time a guy I met from Canada who was in a different study abroad program in Italy had come down to NYC and we walked from 27th Street and 7th Ave to Union Square and back and we just talked. I can't tell you what we talked about, or what happened on the street as we walked, but it was good to have someone to talk to. He's a great artist, well I think he is, and it was nice to see his work and to be supportive. Anyway I digress.

I've been in situations, I'm not going to lie and say they were relationships, and they lacked this. Now, I'm in a place where I'm not going to enter anything with someone based on looks, because in the end, I feel something is lacking. I want to be able to talk about art, music, current affairs, a little politics, travel. Also, I am never bringing up my advanced knowledge of sex, men here don't get it and I don't think they can handle what I know.

Now, I'm going to digress some more. Yesterday, I had a lengthy discussion with one of the customers at my 7-to-5 and the impression he was giving me was that men are dogs who are all about sex and that women are gold diggers who are always asking for money. Lets just say that depressed me, but then I had a conversation with another man today and he gave me faith. In life, it's so easy to forget that we are all so different and it is so easy to lump everyone into one category, but experiences differ and these experiences colour our lives and our outlook on it. Plus, something that dawned on me was that the first person's way of thinking creates itself in his life. He expects it and he consciously or unconsciously invites it into his life.

It's important that one decides what they believe in and believe in it with all their heart. I believe I will find someone who will take long walks with me and talk about things that I will forget about in the years to come.

Wait, hold up.... I'm having an epiphany. Why should one censor themselves? As long as a statement does not hurt the feelings of another person and can be easily laughed up, it should really not be taken too seriously. No one is out there documenting every single syllable that is spoken so there is a lot of freedom to be had in the spoken word. Please bear in mind that I am a very measured person and I censor myself a lot in fear of saying something stupid or overtly sexual. The way I say I enjoy ice cream sounds very explicit. Digressing.

Well that's it for tonight. just sharing.

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