To Judge or Not To Judge

6:44 PM

I am a fan of Operation Nice and as I was checking out the site, there was a link to the post, I Don't Ever Want To Judge.. Do You? by a lady named Beth who is a photographer. Anyway it reminded me of an interesting thing that happened when I was at FIT.

It was a Spring semester and I always wore a tam because it was cold to class and I also had my baggy clothes. We had a fabric content class and the professor never paid me no mind and to be honest I didn't really care. So Spring Break came and I made the decision to cut my hair and wear it really short. I went to class this time without the tam as the weather got warmer and at last I went without my head covered for the first time in a while. Lets just say the professor treated me differently, he was friendlier.

That is one of the moments in my life that sticks around in my memory. People treat people differently completely by their looks. There was the time I was in NYC and I was on Lexington Ave. around 30-something street. I was dressed comfortably ripped jeans, the kind that fits me just right and I think a T-shirt. I went into an electronic store because I wanted a digital camera and before I knew it a man of an Eastern persuasion was asking me what I wanted. I explained that I was interested in a digital camera, he asked me to show him which one in the display outside. Then I was given the strong impression I was not wanted in the store. I really took a look around and noticed everyone else was dressed in office attire and here I was looking to me like an artist type but to them a hobo. It's not to say that I was dirty, I just wasn't perfect.

The unfortunate thing is this kind of thing effects a person. I can't look at an Eastern storekeep with ease, because in the back of my head I'm thinking that they don't want me in their store. So this will make me take my hard earned dollars elsewhere and if that is what I have to do that is what I'll do.

Okay I'm running out of steam.

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