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I love this article, I found on Jezebel.com, Just Because You Settle, Doesn't Mean You Marry A Good Man. It hit a nerve with me because I'm turning 30 in a couple weeks, I have not been in anything with what I would say is a good man. For the most part, they have been selfish asses.

One of the guys, to me, wanted to be with me because he wanted to settle down. I am/was a very quiet person, a good listener and these guys, I guess never had that in a woman and just told me everything. I remember just on the landing of my apartment and one guy talking and I was about to go downstairs and he is having an epiphany. I was kinda his psychiatrist.

I'm rambling, but I don't want to settle, I want to find true love (yes, I am a romantic), instead of men who don't even believe that love exists. I want to look in the eyes of the man I will eventually marry and know he's got my back and I've got his back. I will go to hell for him. Conversations will be easy, sex will be passionate and kids will be cute. Is that too much to ask for?

So, I just had an epiphany just this second (well actually I had it 5 minutes ago and I forgot it and it came back to me this second : >). I'm a visual person, and I've been with guys who look good, but are total jerks. What if I figuratively went blind and looked for someone using my heart. Not have what they look like be a determining factor. I do draw the line and men who practically salivate when they look at me. Think my getting compliments throw me for a loop, imagine that. *shiver*

Anywho, new addition to making my 30's my decade, see people with my heart, not with my eyes. From what I've seen (no pun intended), there are two types of "attractive" guys, those who can have any pick of women because they practically throw themselves at these guys and as long as they have an unlimited supply, why choose one. Then there is the one who got hurt by someone who just wanted to hook up with them instead of love them, they in turn turn into the first guy. Then again, there are the true blues, they are the exception to my rules but they are as rare as a ruby.

That's all folks.

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