Fashion East Fall 2010

4:45 PM

Lord, Lord, Lord. Either I have lost my ability to be intrigued by arty/eccentric design or this collection pissed me off. It starts off with black, holey pieces that remind me of what Jamaicans used to wear back in the day (that being the late 80's, early 90's). I must say the first image is the reason people are upset about ultra skinny models on the catwalk, then again the male in the second look is quite an eye candy. The collection was not all bad. Once again the tailored pieces were on point, then they go and spoil it by ending the collection with dresses that look like a Frankenstein monster, last look says it all.

*Disclaimer: please note that I don't read the reviews by, so I can make my judgment without prejudice. Unfortunately, I did not stop to see that this was a collaborative fashion show. Basically I only like the middle collection.

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