Listen To You

7:31 AM

For about a week and a half, I've been posting up pictures from NYC Fashion Week. For those who are not into fashion, my apologies and in advance for the Fashion Weeks for London, Paris and Milan. *Sorry*.

Anyway, I was catching up with a blog I check in on every now and then, Operation Nice, which led me to kind over matter. Both blogs are about kindness and being nice. It was though kind over matter that I found this post by Jessica Gonacha Swift called Listen You Already Know All The Answers. To be honest, I needed to read it. One day, I had sat down and was quiet, I let my thoughts flow and then I asked myself what I wanted, really wanted in life. Funny enough all the answers were in me. I didn't need a mansion or travel to every country on the planet, I just need a few choice things and experiences. One of the things at the top of my list was Happiness. The cool thing about happiness that I discovered was that at times, it is a choice. Another thing is the fact that it is like a light shining in you that draws people to you like a moth to a flame.

So when the world seems overwhelming and your inner compass is a little off, be quiet, ask yourself the serious questions and listen to you. I like to keep in mind that people are going to tell me how to live my life, but it is I who will be living it and have to live with the consequences. How awful would it be to follow someone's advice and then something bad happens, are they going to say oops, my bad? I rather learn from my mistakes than live with another person's. So to loving and living your life on your terms!!

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