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So I'm still thinking about Love and all that accompanies it. I once replied to a guy who was asking why I wasn't hitched, it was because men were not good. Yes, yes, a terrible blanket statement, but that is how I felt at the time. His friend then said it was because our (womenfolk's) standards were too high. To me, at the time, it was what every man said, but it was only now that I got it. Bear with me, we as women (well, some of us) have been sold on this ideal of a man, good job, good looking, got it going on in terms of personality, intelligent, well spoken, but if we look in the mirror do we see those qualities in ourselves? How can we be demanding all of these and we can't deliver all ourselves? Food for thought.

I got to thinking that society has put so much on material things and appearances that we fail to see the importance of the important things. For instance, being a good person, being caring and kind, fidelity. Why not close our eyes to what the person looks like or can give us and look to be attracted to the person based on their character. It was so funny to me that I had planned to do this post and I was going through my email and came across this article,Will You Marry? on which basically spoke to what I was going to post about.

So what am I saying? Instead of looking at what a man looks like or does or can give you look at what he can give you emotionally, look at his character and decide if he is worth getting to know better.

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