Men In Chains

8:03 AM

I mentioned yesterday that I have a thing for men wearing chains and when I say chains I mean necklaces and the snug like the picture above. Let me start by saying I am a visual person, I'm the kind of person that says "I see what you're saying." Anyway, I'm drawn to what I see and when I see a man with a chain I look at it. If it has an interesting pendant I look at it, this means I zoom into it. After the appraisal I zoom out and it is then that I notice the neck area of the man. This in turn reminds me how beautiful the male form is to me and I end up admiring the man. Does that make sense? It's somewhat like how in Japan in the past the back of a woman's neck just where it meets that back was considered erotic. There is also when seeing a woman's ankle way back in European past was so taboo. So for me it's the neck in front. The sinews and all, meow!!

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