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So one day I was reviewing the sketches for the collection I am working on and the guy below had come over to my 7-to-5 to buy a drink and say my rough sketches. He thought they were interesting so he asked me to do a sketch for him. He works across the street so I told him it would have to be a Thursday.
Let's just say a lot of Thursday's passed by, but one day I had gone into a drafting store and found this
I could not leave the store without it. I am so glad I did, it takes the marker colour beautifully and it is heavier than the usual marker paper I used at FIT.

With the necessary tools at hand I did the first sketch and I'll admit it, it was crap. I brought it to work nevertheless and presented it to him. Can you imagine he graded it?!? I got 85% and then he proceeded to leave, so I ask if he wasn't taking it. Basically, he just wanted to see what I could do. Well, I felt challenged and I had intended to get a higher grade. From that day on, every Wednesday evening I do an illustration and every Thursday he grades it. I got mostly A's until he decided to grade me harder. Strangely enough, I've hit a wall and I am dissatisfied with the illustrations. I want to try something new and break free of what has been my style. I might have to reserve the whole of Wednesday evening to trying out new styles of illustration.

Anyway, below is the ones I did and I will be uploading more as I do them.

I don't if it's me but, they feel very stagnant and the elements I would like to put in them is movement, attitude and inner confidence, as well as to add more accessories and perhaps layering. Perhaps, through this I will grow as an artist. Fingers crossed.

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