I'm taking a break

2:11 PM

After posting over 100 posts on the major fashion weeks, I honestly felt.... I guess down is the word. I'm not sure if it was that activity or all the other things that are going on in my life, but I think I'm going to take a break for no longer than a week to get my mind and soul together.

I think part of it was my not feeling like I was expressing my true self. I was pretty much putting out what other people were doing and reacting to it as opposed to doing my thing, chronicling what's happening in my life, putting out there the things I like. I guess I'll be taking the time to assess what I truly want to put out there.

Yes, I'm inspired by other people's work, but I don't want to reach the level where I am nothing put a reflection or better yet a mirror for others. An object with no other function but to reflect other's greatness. I don't know if I make sense.

To be honest, I've been doing a few projects, one is a collection I'm working on for the end of October, with the encouragement of a guy who works across the road from me, I'm illustrating again. Unfortunately I can't seem to find batteries for my camera, but when I get them and after this week has passed, I'll be uploading my original artwork and writing about them. I'm also going to be taking pictures of my progress with the collection. I will also be posting again on my other blog, Kim or Lisa. It's been too long since I last posted a poem and mentioning the poetry nights I've taken part in. I think I might do the 365 photo thing, I've always been into photography so it could be a way to break up the monotony of sewing constantly.

This blog has been a great way of baring my soul and I want to continue but I want to show the world the true me not.... Let me explain where I'm going. I mentioned some posts back about a guy who was interested in me but didn't like what he found about me. For instance that I have a tattoo, or I went to a particular fete, God forbid if he knew the deep down crazy stuff. I've never put myself out there, I've always been the quiet girl in the corner who was reading the book or writing a poem. The thing is people build little stories up around you, expectations that can never be and then when you show your true colours, they are taken back, offended, how dare you not be the person I thought you would be?!? Maybe that will be a series of post, things about me that people don't know.

Last but not least, I want to thank all the people who follow me and although I do this for myself, it's always nice to know that people like what I put out there.

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