Who Are You!?!?

2:20 PM


As I was trolling through the blogs I follow, I came across an article by The Solitary Panda titled So Tell Me About Yourself? and it got me to thinking about the question and the answer.

It made me wonder about what the person that is asking the question really wants to know. Does he/she want to know what you do or what you love, what you would rather be doing? Are they asking if you are a mother/father, a good person, a hard worker or an accomplished slacker. I mean do people even know what they are looking for when they ask this question. Do they even know what the right answer for them is? What do they want to hear from the individual they are asking the question?It is such an open ended question that you can give any answer, which leads me to the answer.

The answer... I think the answer should be a true reflection of the individual. Now I look at it, that is one of the answers everyone should have prepared or at least have some version of it logged away for when asked. It is all dependent on what is important to the individual. A career oriented person would automatically mention their profession first and you will feel the whole monologue slip into spiel about their success. The thing is you wouldn't hear the person say that they spend their evenings and weekends at work, or looking for a significant other unsuccessfully. A parent might point out that they are a parent and yadda yadda yadda.

Then again why don't we tell people about ourselves in the abstract. For instance, I am for the most part a nice person, but there are times when I can be a bitch, but for good reason (well, most of the time for good reason). How about a non-practicing Pentecostal with Atheist leanings due to the nurture part of my development that insists that I have to believe in an all powerful being. Then there is the liberal mind set in a conservative package (I'll show you my tattoo, if you show me yours).

I guess it's man's need to be accepted that makes us tell people the good side of who we are. God forbid that I tell people that I can be incredibly stubborn and that I suffer from bouts of low self-esteem. Would people be shocked that I am Pro-Choice, with, of course, the emphasis on choice? What I have learned is that mentioning your extensive knowledge on the subject of sex can garner unwanted attention. Just because I know how to do it right doesn't mean I want to do it with you.

So what is the answer to the question? Anything you chose, babe, but remember the answer is suppose to be an accurate picture of who you are. It should match up with the person you are proud of being or want to be. I am an aspiring fashion designer hoping to produce her own line of clothing. I am a poet. I am a blogger. I am a good daughter and sister. I am happy (most of the time). I am a reader (I have at least 3 books lined up to read). I am a driver (a fast driver when I'm pissed). I am an artist (a reluctant artist). I am thinker. I am a great lover (this is not an invitation and I am not being vain). And at times I can be a bitch, correction, a BITCH and if I didn't have a conscience I could be very evil. I am creative, intelligent and at times witty. Most important of all I am whoever I choose to be.

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