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9:18 AM

I was skimming through Bunnies Can't Write Blogs and discovered this:

Here is the info:

polish artist kordian lewandowski has taken inspiration from michelangelo famous la pieta sculpture and reinterpreted it using nintendo characters. lewandowski's sculpture features mario and princess in place of jesus and mary from michelangelo’s. named ‘game over’, the piece is made from polystyrene foam that lewandowski carved in full scale using a chainsaw at first and more precise tools to finish. while the sculpture may not be included in an art history book, it showcases one of the most iconic sculptural subjects of the renaissance re-contextualized using the storyline of mario instead of the bible.

There are more pics and info from Design Boom, the website the actual article is from.

Now the main reason, or I should say reasons, I posted this is because it features three things I love:

Modern Art
I loved that he took two things that were recognizable by two separate groups and created a beautiful piece. Art afficionados, well those who are into the classics like Michangelo, aren't really into video games. And not many video gamers would have a strong interest in major works of art. I think this piece can bridge the gap and introduce both types of people to each others world.

I also like that he used foam as it is not a common or formal medium and yet he made it light and smooth. Definitely visit the Design Boom website to see how he made this.

The Inspiration For The Piece
During my study abroad in Italy, I made the trek down to Rome and got to see the Sistine Chapel and all the awe inspiring sites. And off in a side room thing was this

The room was quiet and no one was in it and I fell in love with this sculpture. The way it gleams in the soft light. Each fold of the fabric perfect, the elements of the human body exact. I even bought a small souvenir version of it and it sits on my dressing table. And I'm not even religious, but I do appreciate great work.

Gamer For Life
Granted I never played Super Mario on Nintendo, me and the controls just don't agree. I am more of a computer game player, so it was a blessing and a curse when I was introduced to Super Mario on the computer. I tore that up. I kicked ass, then I stopped because I was only using one addiction to cure another, and decided to focus on work. I have to limit myself now.

Definitely check out the website to see how he made this.

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