Illustration 14 April 2010

10:23 AM

Ok, I must admit this is one of my favourite illustrations. I like that I executed the pose well and I like the colour combinations. I like that I got the attitude and how there is the very staid army colours being the background for the red gloves and the hot pink balloon.

It's really nice that I'm going in the right direction but I still need a few things to get even better. For instance, I'm going to hunt down either this pen

or a get a pot of white ink so that I can clean up where the marker or pen line goes astray and they would give great highlights. Also I'm not completely happy with my line quality, and a fellow 20something blogger, Tim DeMoor told me about using black waterproof India ink. So that is something else I'm going to hunt down.

I'm getting there, just don't ask me where there is.

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