Illustration April 7, 2010

2:20 PM

You can tell I'm not into an illustration when I don't use flash. I felt like I was mixing different genres without mastering them. I over saturated the image with colour and did not anchor it with neutral tones. It doesn't help that some of the colours I was reaching for were done for, therefore tossed out, or on their way to the trash. I think I'm going to have to buy even more markers, even though I got some on my birthday. To be honest the purple and the yellow are new markers. Also I was enthusiastic about the pencil drawing and the pose, but as I got to laying down colour, I became more and more disatisfied. And don't get me started on the hair, if you notice, it has a halo, there was a russian hat on her before I flipped the script. Ugh.

If you haven't notice already, I'm pretty hard on myself, but I've learned the lesson. I will be working on Technique and mastering at least one that I absolutely love. Also I want to work on faces, they always end up being the same, well to me anyway. I guess back to the drawing board.

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