Illustration May 5th 2010

8:58 AM

From now on I will do better in terms of taking pictures of my illustrations. This was done right after I did it and I was about to head to bed, so I took the picture and was content at the time. But right now, not so much. Oh well.

For me, it is average work, nothing absolutely fabulous which would make me jump out of my skin with glee. I wanted to put a gun or some sort of weapon in her free hand but when it came down to searching for a reference to draw the gun from, I was not in the mood to look. Plus I can't say for sure where my CatWoman and Wolverine comics are. Yes, I like comics like those, but more for the artwork. Anywho, I will be in the States by the end of the month, so I will be able to pick up some supplies. Perhaps I will check out RISD, Rhode Island School of Design, it was a contender for colleges when I was looking, but I had to be in NYC.

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