Kimolisa Sky Dives

4:55 PM

A couple weeks ago, I was feeling really good about life and realized that life was what I make it. There was something I said I wanted to do, skydiving but I live on a small island, a very small island. Then an opportunity arose, my sister was graduating and my mom, my brother, my uncle and I were going to Rhode Island. So I googled Skydiving and Rhode Island and the first name that popped up was Skydive Newport. I practically devoured the site and made the reservation.

The thing is I didn't tell anyone until a week or so before I was to jump out the plane. I had no intention of encouraging my siblings to join me, especially my sis. I wouldn't feel right causing her any trauma before her graduation. When I first told my brother, he sounded like was up for it.

I made the reservation for the Thursday before the Saturday graduation. As my brother was still in work mode, he was on the cell and his computer on the way from Providence to New Port. By the time we reached the Airport, he was so frustrated that he signed up to jump with me. Below are us getting suited up:

My brother is in a frat and their colours are red and white so he insisted on wearing a red suit. He had to be squeezed in. LOL!!!!

Anyway, we were suited up and we watched the prep videos and went out to the plane, or as we called it the flying coffin. Basically the only thing close to a chair was what the pilot was sitting on. Imagine 5 grown people crammed into an itty bitty plane climbing up and up. As time passed, I wanted to get out of the cramped space and it was time to jump.

First it was one foot out on the bar and then the other and before you know it I'm plummeting out of the plane with the instructor strapped to my back. We even did a roll and were falling. So you think I was screaming? Well, I tried but the air was rushing into my mouth and I just focused on breathing. Before I knew it, the parachute was pulled and we slowed down dramatically.

The world is beautiful from up there. It's like looking down at the land from the plane, but without being in a plane. Instead of being limited in the view I got 270 degrees of New Port. I was so happy that I did it. Below is our landing.

We got a video of the dive and that should be coming to me in a week's time. We also got certificates, I'll post those later. Now I have to figure out what to do next.

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