To Wed or Not To Wed

10:59 AM

I was on FaceBook when my sister sent me a link to an article by My Two Cents titled This Is Not The Superbowl, Dammit! It wasn't a long article but what I gathered was that women are sold on the idea that they have to get married not be married and honestly speaking it kind of makes sense. Just look at We TV which stands for Women Entertainment and it has a large section devoted to Weddings. I can swear up and down that at some point a woman has watched either Bridezillas or My Fair Wedding or Platinum Weddings.

Really what has made us obsessed with walking down the aisle? Is it that this is our own personal version of a fairy tale ending? Do guys day dream about their wedding day and get excited by the day? Fortunately or unfortunately, I still haven't thought out my wedding day to the smallest detail. Then again, I like the idea of being in a nice white dress that hits me mid calf, and a small wedding with the people who have impacted my life and his.

I'm still querying if I'm even going to get married. I think I jinx myself every time I state that I want to get married and then question if I will. At the end of the day could I get married just to be married and not care who I'm married to? Naaahhhhh! Although I might be deluding myself, I want love to be one of the cornerstone upon which my marriage is built.

Just me thinking out loud.

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