Would You, Could You Be A Sugar Baby?

3:30 PM

Once again, jumping from blog to blog and I come across something new, Sugar Babies!

What is a Sugar Baby? you ask, according to Urban Dictionary a Sugar Baby is

A young, usually attractive girl (or occasionally boy), who gets things such as material possessions or help with paying their bills, for just basically being the "Arm charm" of a much older gentleman (or lady) and pumping up the older lady or gent's ego and rep. by being seen together. But, WITHOUT having to do any sexual favors for them.
Yes, I've heard of Sugar Daddies so I knew they had a companion, but I didn't there was an actual name. Not only was there a name, there are blogs, for example:

Now, I'm not posting the above links for people to go and bother these women, they made a decision in life, are happy and are not hurting anybody.

This got me to thinking about life in general. Here is a segment in society that is existing happily. There is a mutual agreement where the man get an attractive woman in his life and the woman gets financial benefits. But where exactly is it stated that it's wrong? If both parties are entering into the relationship with eyes wide open, why should others judge or even care? As long as no one gets hurt, more power to them. I guess that is why it's not a major OMG thing to see an older man/woman with a younger woman/man because it's a faux pas that is brought down through the ages but no one really thought about it and formed their own individual oppinion.

Then I started thinking about the Sugar Daddies. Their is this song and dance men give women that they want to be financially secure before they settle down. Well, that's all well and good, but we as women are on the clock and we can't wait around for the men to have their shyte in order before starting a family. So the women either settle for someone else or go it alone in having a family and the man builds his financial empire. Then what? He's baked, time to take him out the oven, he's ready for the family, for love but all the women are either married, gay or are a hot mess, so who does the self made man turn to? Ding, Ding, Ding, the Sugar Baby!!

To conclude, if a woman wants to be a Sugar Baby, go right ahead, as long as no one gets hurt. Just my thoughts.

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