I Had To Share

8:22 AM


I subscribe to this guy called the Happy Guy and for most part most of the things he has in his newsletter has been uplifting. Yesterday's newsletter had this:

I love this quote from motivational speaker Bob Proctor:

"Most people tiptoe their way through life, hoping to make it safely to death."

Think about what he means. The thought is unsettling (pardon, please,if it is), but are there important things you would want to do before you die? Things for your children? Things for yourself? Things for the needy? Things for the community? Even just things that sound fun or you might be curious about? Don't put off until tomorrow what you may not be around to do when the time comes. Start today.

This really hit a cord in me, why am I tiptoeing through life, trying to follow the rule book? I think it's time I made and followed my own rules.

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