Make Up Tutorials

7:52 PM

I think it was through my sister I got addicted to make up tutorials on YouTube, and below are the artists I follow:

  • Francine, her YouTube channel is kuuipo1207 and she has a blog, Frantastic Makeup. What I love about her style is it is dramatic yet it can be pulled off for everyday living. Her instructions are clear and although I haven't gotten around to doing any, I feel confident that I would get it on the second try. Her are a couple looks.

  • Petrilude, this is his YouTube Channel and his website. He is more about drag queen makeup and out there makeup for halloween. He's just amazing, I love him. Here are some pics  
Next we have Queen B Makeup, this is her YouTube Channel and her website. I just came upon her through Francine and her work is amazing in terms of her use of colour. I went through her blog and was just stunned by her work. Here are some pics:
What I love about the above people is their not professionals, they honed their talents to a point where it would rival any professional. Oh, I almost forgot one other.
  • Make up By Risa, this is her YouTube Channel and her blog is Makeup By Risa. Her looks are very dramatic and she also does tutorials for makeup you would see on music videos. Here are some pics

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