Christmas 2010

11:41 AM

Even though we got home late, I still woke up at a decent hour. This Christmas, we were cooking, usually we would go by a friend of the family but this year, my sis and I decided to cook. The idea grew and we invited some friends of the family. When everyone was up, I made breakfast of Ackee and Saltfish (unfortunately the Ackees broke up and turn to mush).

As mom put down the law of no television, no internet and no computer use, we had to entertain ourselves. While we waited to open the gifts, I cracked my siblings up with a kooky version of The Three Little Pigs. We then opened the gifts. They were some great gifts, it helps to ask what people wanted, at least you raise the chances of getting what you want. Also found a great reason to keep blogging.

After opening the gifts we went straight to cooking. Honestly speaking it was a lot of fun. I washed a lot of dishes.

Dad was packing his birthday gift from me. As it was huge, I wrapped up an old iron I had and put it under the tree. When he first opened it, you could tell everyone's confusion. Then I got the tool box from his car and presented it. My brother kept repeating that I was wrong for pulling that. It was fun though and a twist to the whole opening of gifts.

This goat got loose in the neighbourhood and he's all the way from Miami. He would go back and forth between ours and the neighbour's yard. The funny thing was there was a guy running after him all morning.

I made egg nog for the first time. The sad thing was the mixer was not working so with a trusty whisk I beat the egg whites until they were stiff. A year ago I would have given up but I told myself that this egg nog was going to be made. It was on the strong side but it was good.

Here's our spread - from left to right, cheese and sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, rice and red beans, macaroni and cheese pie, macaroni salad, salad, cajun vegetable, turkey and ham. Also our guest brought stew pork.

Here we all are enjoying the food and company.

So did we have a good time, a good Christmas? Well, for a Christmas where I just didn't feel the Christmas feeling, I had a great time. Can you imagine if we had the Christmas feeling? I guess my Christmas wish is that this recession starts to turn for the better so that it won't be a dark cloud over everything.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and the New Year brings you everything you want from it.

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