Birthday Wish List 2011

11:49 AM

Call me stush or whatever, but my birthday is in a month and this post is all about what I would want. Now, I'm not expecting to get these things, because of the ongoing recession and all, but a woman can be honest with herself and know what she wants and state it to the universe. The Christmas that passed I asked my family what they wanted, why stress over what to get someone when you can just ask. Plus by knowing what you want you can work on getting it even if others don't give it to you.

So what do I want?

My sis had asked for this for Christmas and while buying her a pair, I was checking them out and realised how thin the fabric was. This is good because it won't get too hot. Then I tried them on and it felt so good. I mean really good. I'll be honest, I have one pair of footwear that I wear everywhere and I am in need of some shoes. Yes, I am a sad example of a woman. This year I will be increasing my footwear stockholding, my sis got me a gift certificate for shoes at a fancy footwear shop so I'm getting some cute heels.

A good, decent office chair for home. For the longest time, I've been wondering why I haven't sat down at my computer at home and did some artwork. Just comfortably do a graphic for a T-shirt and zone out in the process. Then I realised that my chair is very uncomfortable. It's a dining room chair so it's meant to be sat on for a short amount of time. Not hours on end of productive work. Don't get me wrong, the chair I have is perfect for when I'm sewing. While sewing I'm getting up every now and then to press open a seam, but for when I don't want to get up with the exception of bathroom and snack breaks I need one these bad boys.

I'm not normally a perfume person, I normally leave that to my sis and Dad, but for a while I've been wanting a signature scent. Normally, I would wear Vanilla body spray from The Body Shop, but I want a change. Last year, I took the opportunity to go to one of the perfumeries on island and went sniffing. Although there were some that smelled nice, it was Daisy by Marc Jacobs that caught my nose. Most likely I would go back and sniff some more just to find a good every day perfume and an evening/going out sent.

World Peace, just because everyone wants world peace. But in all honesty, I would like inner peace, to put down my fears, judgements, expectations and just live. I want to find the beauty in everything around me and appreciate it. Love and be loved. This is fitting as I'm born the day before Valentines Day.

This bad boy. This my friends is an RCA universal remote control. Sure, I could ask for a television, but the one I have works perfectly well, it's just the remote that has gone to hell. Just imagine, I don't have cable, I have been able to keep a DVD Player for over a year without it being stolen, all I need to watch one of my dvd's is to press 00 for the channel the player is on. Do you know how frustrating it is to be able to press 11, 22, 55, 88 and not get 00. I even took it apart and still nothing, that was one of the times I wished I knew how to solder and fix things electrical. Humph!

You know what? That's it. Now I look at it, I don't want a lot of stuff. I just need things that I need. If my family is reading this, let me know what you all want for your birthdays, I'm going to make a concerted effort to get y'all something this year.

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