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A couple days ago I got this

from Eleni of RPG Called Life. As I commented on her post this shows I'm a certified blogger. I would see the awards and wonder how I could get one so that I can pass one on. Thanks again Eleni!!!

Now the rules of this award is I have to post 7 things about me and give this award to 3 fellow bloggers. So for the first part:
  • I had scoliosis when I was young. This resulted in me wearing a brace that covered my torso to straighten my spine but it only made it worst. Then I had to have surgery where they put a metal rod in my spine. Fortunately it improved my condition, unfortunately, the scar refused to heal completely and I had to go through a smaller operation and then a larger operation to remove the rod. Good thing: I don't set off metal detectors. Bad thing, a scar down the center of my back and an uneven waist line.
  • When I was a kid, I didn't like pasta and then when I grew up, it became my favourite food. I used to eat it every day and it was another reason why I did my study abroad in Italy. Mind you it was not the main reason.
  • I went on vacation in Cuba. It was one of those tour group things and I had a lot of fun. I road on a horse for the first time, I had my first Mojito, smoked my first and only cigar and had a great time.
  • I can't inhale. That cigar I smoke, nope, I didn't inhale. The fancy middle eastern smoking thing at the Moroccan restaurant with apple flavoured smoke, nein, I did not inhale. Hell, if I was given a marijuana spliff, I wouldn't inhale.
  • I never knew how hard it was to think of 7 things to write about myself. Um....... I like old movies and think you should watch an epic movie at least once, at least to see what the ado is about. For instance, I've watched Gone With The Wind ("As God is my witness I will never go hungry again"), Titanic (I don't have the patience to watch it again, especially as I know what happens in the end. I must give it credit though, because although you knew what would happen to the boat, you didn't know what would happen to the couple), Twelve Angry Men (I enjoyed that immensely, simply put, I liked it). As for the Godfather and all the parts, I will require to be strapped down, I always end up changing the channel. One day, one day I will watch it.
  • I like dance as an art form. The whole idea of using one's body to express a story is pretty cool. I think I was not drawn to it, as something I would do because it was always some form of African dance, well that is how it looked to me. If there was contemporary dance taught I would be drawn to it and to learn it. I think I'm rambling.
  • At Last, I reached the last thing. WooHoo! When I was younger I had a fascination with death, please don't ask why, it took a lot of soul searching to come by the reason and I really don't want to get into it. But I had drafted my first will, all my money went to my parents and my siblings got my comics. I also had sat down and thought about the whole being dead thing. I didn't like the idea of spending eternity in paradise, so I aspired to be the Grim Reaper's assistant. At least I would be keeping busy and meeting people. Yes, I was a strange kid.
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