Can You Imagine....

3:36 PM

Can you imagine having a romantic relationship with a person who you can talk the night away and never get sleeply? It's like the conversation is sustanance, feeding your soul, opening your horizons and all you want to do afterwards is to have brunch and keep the conversation going. Can you imagine lying on the lawn, staring up at the sky, next to each other and just being quiet? The music of your breaths, your heartbeats is your favourite melody. Can you imagine dancing in the moonlight, breathing in your love one's scent, be it the sweetest of perfumes or the musky depths of a cologne you've grown to love? Can you imagine a love so complete that it borders on perfection, but is still evolving to something even better? And even though the fireworks of the new relationship has faded into the night sky, what replace it is the familarity that is as comforting as your favourite pair of jeans, fitting perfectly, molding perfectly to your body.

Unfortunately, that is all I can do, I can only imagine.

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