Adieu Galliano

4:40 PM

Well, it is official John Galliano is out and to be honest I am a little sad. He was one of those designers who made fashion art, and although it's not my personal style in terms of design and how I would dress, I still gave respect where it's due.

When I first heard that Galliano was arrested for verbally abusing fellow patrons in a cafe and using racial slurs, my first thought was that is wrong. You don't call people out like that no matter how upset you are. I know I should have spoken up in the many fashion forums where people were defending him and lashing out at Dior for suspending him. Then again who am I to tell people what to think and if they believe he can do no wrong, that is their belief. My position is if it got to the point where he was arrested, there had to be a valid reason. Also I know only of his genius on the runway, but it's not as though we hang out together and I know how he thinks and his oppinions on various issues. With that said, I don't vouch for people if I don't know them personally, I had to learn that the hard way.

Then an actual video came out and that is when everyone and their mother had to concede that maybe he's not the person we thought he was. Alot of people had to basically admit that they had bet on the wrong horse. The only thing is until just recently, I didn't see the video and I had to search for that bad boy. At last, I found it here on the Huffington Post Style section.

Now this is where I get a bit twisted. I feel sorry for him. To me, he appears to be prodded on by the ladies laughing. He appears obviously drunk and trying to lash out at the laughers. Is what he's saying right and proper? Hell no!! If you are proud of who you are in all your eccentricity and a bunch of people are all up in your business, simply ignore them or simply say that you are having a private conversation, thank you and goodbye.

John Galliano obviously needs help and we society, both fashion enthusiasts and non enthusiasts have to accept that such genius comes with a price. This is our second fashion icon who has left the building unceremoniously in the last two years.

Now the last I heard his personal show has been cancelled, and today the last collection by John Galliano for the House of Dior walked the runway. So, to Monsieur Galliano, a found adieu and I hope you get better.

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