Explanation for Question

10:54 AM


Based on the silence, I guess I got my answer. You see I’m working on a theory that there is more than one version of a person. There is who the person thinks they are, the person others perceive that person to be and who the person really is. The question is “Is the true person a combination of all the versions mentioned above?”

The question I asked yesterday was to let me see myself through other people’s eyes. Now here is where I become venerable, I don’t like the person I am. I never did, well that’s a lie, I never thought that I would/could/should “like” myself. You see a few things happened when I was a kid and the last one was what pretty much shut me down. Imagine a pea dropping on a snowy mountaintop and starts rolling. Before you know it you have a six foot snowball. What I’m doing now is taking a flame thrower and destroying the snowball and the pea.

In a way, I’m rebooting the Kimolisa operating system in Safe Mode, removing the virus that I’ve been living with for the last 20+ years and restarting the system. Some applications would be deleted, but I think I can live with that.

The fact that I haven’t gotten a response to the question lets me know that I have a lot of work ahead. This should be very interesting because I’m just trying to be a better person and live a better life.

Hope this answers that may be buzzing in your heads.


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