9:11 PM

This morning, I had an epiphany, it was just after I overtook a bus as an SUV was coming my way. I was able to get the way and get to my destination in one piece. I was going at my usual speed and I realized why I liked speed or being at an extreme. It's because it demands my attention and focus, I don't have to worry about my insecurities or my worries, my mind is on the task at hand. Be it falling out of a plane 10,000 feet in the sky, flying down a mountain attached to a board, or driving fast. All these require me to be focused and when I survive or get better at it, I gain a little something.

The picture above reminds me of when I was on vacation in Cuba. One of the tourist spots had a hiking trail up a hill that had an awesome view. With one of my fellow tour group members, I climbed that trail. Lord knows, it wasn't easy, at some points I questioned if we were ever going to reach the top. When we stopped to catch our breath, we would see someone who would say how great the view was. At last, we made it to the top and it was incredible, tired and on top of the world. We took pictures which I lost, and I must say it was an incredible high. It's sad that it took me 5 years to figure this out.

I think I'm rambling.

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