You Are Beautiful

11:46 AM

I came across this project through kind over matter and had to share. With the media throwing images of the so called ideal, we forget that we are beautiful. This images in The I Am Beautiful Project, reminded me that beauty can be found in everybody. Below are some of the pictures from the site and this is what the project is all about:

Whoever reads this, you're beautiful and someone out there is crazy about you. So smile. Life is too short to be unhappy.

I was asked to make a video for self-harm awareness day on the 1st of march, and I thought about what to do, and then decided where better to do it then here on flickr with the most creative, beautiful, inspiring minds out there. One in ten people have harmed by the age of sixteen and approximately three teenagers self injure every hour in the UK, mainly because they don’t feel like they’re enough. I want you to all know you are, you are all beautiful as you are, and you have something no one else ever can, and that’s you.

But instead of boring you all with more statistics I will tell you about the project. I started a project last year called The Around The World Project, where I found out loads of fun facts about your countries. But in this project I want to find out more about you, the people of flickr. I want your photos to represent you as people, if you’re silly wear a funny wig or glasses, if you’re crazy cover yourself in paint, if you love cats let your pets join you in your photo. I want it to represent your personality completely, be as crazy and imaginative as you like. Like the Around the world project, I would like written in the photo (on paper or on your body or wherever) the words ‘I am Beautiful’ because you all are so damn beautiful! :p Please try and get the photo added to the group by the 1st of March, which is when I will be making the video to bring people out there a little more confidence and hope for self harm awareness day, if you want to take part in the project but won’t be able to get a photo done by then you are still invited to add your photo in the group later on as I will leave it open! I guess all that is left to say now is have fun and i hope to find out more about you all!

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