Creme Brulee

9:11 PM

I first came across Creme Brulee throuch Amelie, when they said her favourite thing to do is to crack the top of a creme brulee.

I have yet to try it but I think I'm kinda like creme brulee. You see I have a hard top/shell of sorts that separates me from people, that makes it hard for people to get to know me. I guess the shell was my fears, my self doubt, my insecurities, my negative thoughts, but beyond that hard shell is a person I'm getting to know and getting to love. In time I'm going to be more like a delicious cheesecake, or a yummy carrot cake or warm fudge with whip cream. 'scuse me as I have a Homer moment 

Now where was I? 

Oh yeah, I'm working on being yummy, wish me luck.

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