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If you have been following my blog, you would have noticed that I have a sort of schedule. Sundays are Links Love, Thursdays are Ted Talks, Fridays are people I admire and now Wednesdays are Male Appreciation Wednesdays.

So why am I doing this? Well for one I love men, LOL!! No, seriously, I realised that women are revered and so we should be seeing only within the last century we were able to obtain a lot of rights that were due us. It's strange though, when women are in the majority in the population but we held the least amount of power and were likened to a possession. Now that we are now considered equals, I can now appreciate the differences between us.

Every Wednesday, I will be posting things about men that I love. This will be start off with men's hands.

I love men's hands, the way they are shaped, their strength and how they feel when they are holding mine. There is also the contrast against my own hands, and then there are those veins showing through. Oh and there is also the contrast of a strong hands holding a baby. They come in varieties - large, small, square fingertips, tapered fingers, strong, sturdy hands, agile hands. A hand on my lower back, is divine. Unfortunately, massages don't go too well with me, I end up laughing uncontrollably, but I'm sure a man giving a massage must be divine. A man's fingers interlaced with mine is just heavenly to me.

You know what else I love? Men's hands with accessories, it could be a funky ring, a stringy handband or rubber band. To me it enhances the hand, but I'm on the fence when it comes to tattoos, I guess it depends what the tattoo is. I also find nail polish on a man's finger nails looks interesting. To me, it shows that the man is comfortable with himself that he doesn't feel like less of a man because he's wearing nail polish.

Although I have a love for men's hands, I believe it is important than the man attached to those hands has a good heart and a great personality because without those the hands just aren't that appealling. Just my thoughts. 

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