My First Official Etsy Listing

11:07 AM

I am crazy happy and proud to say that I have listed my first KoLA T-shirt. As I had mentioned in a previous post, I am sewing and printing a line of T-shirts under the label, KoLA, but I chose to list this T-shirt because it was the one that was well made and printed. The listing is here.

Here is some info on the T-shirt:
Sinner! - If I don't sin, Jesus would have died for nothing.

This print was inspired by the fact that to some degree we are all sinners. Everyone, at some point or another, has committed a sin, either consciously or unconsciously.

In each letter and in the exclamation mark is one of the Seven Deadly Sins and their synonyms. The sins are as follows:

~ Anger/Rage
~ Greed
~ Sloth/Laziness
~ Pride
~ Lust
~ Gluttony/Piggishness
~ Envy

The T-shirt is handmade from a light heather grey cotton/polyester blend Knit Jersey and is hand printed with a black non-toxic ink. It has a set in collar and sleeve bands made with the same grey Knit Jersey. The T-shirt is hemmed with a basic double stitch.

Available in Medium and Large.

Medium                          Large
Across Chest - 35"           37"
Waist - 31 1/2"                 33 1/2"
Hem - 36 1/2"                   38 1/2"
Length - 23"                      23"

Keep in mind these measurements are around the body measurements.

Normally, ideas for prints come to me while I'm doing other things and I would rush and write them down on the nearest piece of paper. I knew I wanted to do Sinner as one of my first T-shirts, but I had another T-shirt in mind to be the first T-shirt listed. As I mentioned before this is part of a series of T-shirts called "I'm Going To Hell". I can't believe I ran out of things to say. Keep an eye out for more KoLA T-shirts.

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