Time Out

11:09 AM


For the next week I will be taking a break from the internet. I've deactivated my FaceBook account, I'm not checking my email, not reading blogs, not watching YouTube videos, not going on Tumblr. Basically, I am cutting out internet use. I've noticed that I can end up spending countless hours online and most of that is unproductive. I also realized that I've been absorbing massive amounts of information but hadn't taken the time to incorporate what I've learned into my life. Yes, I'm excited about trying out a new exercise routine, but I haven't figured out what my go-for-broke goals are for my body. There are so many things I want to try and I haven't put the necessary thought and action into executing them. So I'm taking the time to disconnect from the world out there and reconnect with the world in here.

Now, I've seen other bloggers do this, sometimes without setting a time period and when you do check in on their blog you're greeted with a post like this. I'm going to be different, everyday there will be a scheduled post with some pics I accumulated through Tumblr. I hope you enjoy them and after this week has passed I'm sure I will have tones of things to share with you.

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