The Streets of Japan

10:02 AM

I've always been of Japanese fashion so it's no Tokyo and has been in existence since 2002. Here are a few pics I liked.

Sometimes I might not like the whole look but there would be a piece that just  has me going back to a pic, the piece in this pic is the jacket. I like how it is printed on the sleeve and it's is drapey. It would be great over a pair of skinny pants or a slim skirt in black and perhaps a loose, strappy, assymetrical top in jersey. Perhaps a cute detail at the hem of the pants.

For some strange reason, I love these kind of dresses, maybe because I'm self conscious about my irregular waist. I love the colour, but I'm not crazy about the glittery neckline. What I like about the dress is I think you can wear it with any kind of shoe.

Simply put, I like to see men in skirts. I'm not saying every day but I like to see it every now and then and it's awesome when man wears a skirt and act normal. They're not self conscious about it and feel like it is taking about from them being a man. Self confidence is always sexy.

I love this look, not because the pieces are strong on their own or the look fall into what would be considered fashionable. I love it because it has personality, it speaks about the person and I always like that.

I like the striped top, it's great to throw over a cute racer back or a cool graphic t-shirt.

Normally, I would not post this kind of look but the dress caught my eye. I have a thing for little white dresses and it is kind of like the red dress above. Perhaps I would layer the dress, but I would limit it.

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