Betsey Johnson Spring 2012

11:04 AM

I have a soft spot in my heart for Betsey Johnson. It's a mix of her doing her thing for so long and being able to bring something fresh, yet has her stamp on it. With this collection, I got this pretty cool story and I don't know if that was her inspiration or not, but this is how I interpret it.

We start out with a good, English girl who lives in some estate in the country side, but unlike her friends she has a slight edge to her. Tired of endless cups of tea and boring conversation about horses and gardens, she escapes to Paris. In Paris she joins a burlesque, making new friends and having new experiences. One of the new experiences is attending a Sex Pistols gig and it is during that show that show she fell in love with the Punk culture. Although she had adopted the punk style, she is still a good, English girl from the country, so she takes both styles and create her own style. I would call this collection, A Little Vodka in My Tea.

As I said, that's my take on it, here are the looks I liked

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