Shaken Not Stirred Tutorial

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I've been planning to do this for a long time, and here it is the tutorial for the free printable which you can find here. This tutorial also works with the other printables available through the etsy store. Just to bring you up to speed, are mini recipe cards, but instead of recipes for soups or cakes, the recipes are for cocktails. Check out the website here.

To begin print out the two printable sheets, click here and here to for the PDF files. It's best to print on card stock paper as it is sturdier.

 The first PDF contains 10 mini recipe cards for cocktails,

Cut along the sides first,

 then cut the cards out.

The second PDF contains the envelope which will hold the mini recipe cards.Tres chic, n'est-ce pas?

Cut out the envelope

Fold the side flaps along the lines.

Apply glue to the bottom half of the side flap.

Fold the bottom flap along the line. Open the side flaps to make it easier to get a clean fold.

Fold in the side flaps, then the bottom flap. Press the bottom flap until the bottom flap is secured to the side flaps.

Fold the top flap along the line. If you don't have a scoring tool, you can use the bottom of your scissors to create a clean fold.

Voila!!! A cute little envelope for your mini cocktail recipe cards.

The envelope and the mini recipe cards are small enough to fit in your purse or to slip into your back pocket.

If you want to make them last longer you can have the mini recipe cards laminated and they will still be able to fit into the envelope. The Classic Cocktail series contain a lot of cocktails that should be known by a decent bartender, but if you want to try cocktails that are a little more interesting checkout the following printables available from my etsy store.
Cocktails Based on Places
Frozen Cocktails
Sexy Cocktails
Pop Culture Cocktails
I had a lot of fun putting together this tutorial and there are a few others that I want to do. So be on the look out for more.

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