Book Shelves

1:47 PM

I am proud to say I'm a nerd!! I've accepted it a long time ago. That is to say that one of the definitions of a nerd being one who reads excessively. In that case, I am a nerd and not ashamed to say so.

One of my favourite places in the world are libraries, at school, at college, in NYC, in Brooklyn, I always end up in a library. It then asks the question, do I have a large book collection. The answer is no, I only keep the books that really move me to the core like The Elegance of the Hedgehog or Passin'.

After seeing the pics below, I would consider eeking out a space for a library where I would keep the books I love and the books I want to read. Of course my little library would have a cushy armchair and table with a reasonable height for tea/hot chocolate/lemonade and an ottoman with the right height. Divine!!

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