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I feel like I've been doing everyone a disservice when it comes to this and my other blog. The reality is my life has taken such a turn that it's hard to keep up with my blogs. Between a new job, limited internet and embarking on a new personal project, it's been both enlightening and frustrating.

Enlightening because for once in my life, I'm getting it. It being understanding everything. Oh God, I'm sounding new age-y again. For once I can see things clearly now and it has shifted my perception on myself, the people in my life and the world. This is a good thing and it's the thing that shifts my understanding from knowing the theory and what you have to do to find inner peace and happiness to actually achieving it. It's just the beginning for me though, I still have many books to read, my seminars to watch and a lot more introspection, but I will get there. As Lao Tzu said
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
 Frustration comes from when I have all these blog posts I would want to write, but I'm no where near a computer or don't have the time to take pen and paper and throw my thoughts down. Plus I like to write directly on the computer than write then transcribe. I'm guessing I'm going have to get over that. I have so many ideas for
  • 100 Dates
  • Male Appreciation
  • Why I'm Single - Going Deeper
  • My Afro
  • Meeting my weight goal
  • And on and on
 I'm going to get there, even if I have to designate an hour of my day to just writing. This is how I communicate, both with others and myself. Through the written word, I have been able to work things out and understand myself and others.
Bare with me, I'm going to do a soft launch of my new project and then get back on track. It's a project that feels good in every single cell of my body and I'm excited about it. In a later post I will explain it in length. So from the bottom of my heart, I am sorry and I will do better.

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