My Say What Sport of Olympics 2012

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First of all, let's just say that I'm shocked that I actually paid attention to the Olympic Games this year, but I did. Well I couldn't help it, it was on the TV when I visited my folks or in the bank while I'm waiting in line. I could not get away from the Olympic coverage, it was almost like it doesn't come around every four years. Anyway, enough of my bitching because I kinda enjoyed some of the sports and the personalities, so here is my little post on the Olympics.

My Say What sport - Speed walking

Yes, people, speed walking is a sport. I was sitting using the computer and I look up and there are these women speed walking. I'm there thinking "Wait, that looks like speed walking. Nah, that can't be a sport, but there it is." LOL. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on the sport. I see the individuals who participate in this sport as athletes because that is no joke. 20km walking fast is no joke. While I was watching two women fainted at the finish line, another was puking at the side of the finish line. My mantra when I'm about to bitch about the athletes is "I know I can't do that so more power to them."

Olga Kaniskina of Russia won the Women's 20km race walk setting an Olympic record of 1:26:31.Visit the Olympics page for more info, pics and video.

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