Two Olympic Sports That I've Grown To Like

5:10 PM

As I said last week, I was not big on watching the Olympics but I ended up watching a lot of covering compared to what I usually watch. I don't know what brings people to watch it, maybe it's some collective mind thing that somehow the whole world is connected in the act of watching the best of the best compete for glory and endorsement deal. Gosh, don't I sound cynical, please forgive me.

So here are two sports I was surprised to discover that I liked watching:

Synchronized Swimming
I have never watched synchronized swimming before, but I ended up watching it while in the bank and I could not look away. I guess in part because I can't swim to save my life, literally and these women are just performing underwater and creating something so beautiful. The strength, acrobatic skills, swimming skills and being so in synch with your team mates, I applaud these women.

I was drawn in and impressed by Spain, but I can understand why Russia won. Another aspect is the full on, almost drag queen make up, see there is a place for that full intense make up in sports. Don't get me started on the almost mean mugging, I know they are trying to create a feel or atmosphere for the piece they are doing, but sometimes they look like they are mad at somebody.

How can you hate a sport where the riders where spiffy top hats and the horses dance. Here are these big powerful animals with beautiful coats and amazing muscle structure doing a little dance. I love it. It's such a proper sport, I guess back in the day it would have been considered a gentleman's  sport. No surprise that a Brit won gold. Oh and I forgot, even the horse gets a hairdo. Love it.

I might not be watching a lot of sports in 2016, but without a doubt I will be watching these.

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