Are You Living or Dying

7:00 AM

This question popped into my head a few days ago and I found it a bit difficult to answer. It was a dynamic question, something that should be asked in the moment. To me, the question should be

In this moment, are you living or dying?

After much thought, I figured the answer could be both. We are living and dying.

Everyday we are living our lives, working, going to class, studying, bumming around. The simple fact that we are breathing and moving around means we are living, but we are still dying.

In this moment our cells are dying. In a few years, all the cells in your body right now will be dead. Plus each day that passes means we are one day closer to death. And the crazy thing is we don't really know when we will die.

Sure, we assume that we will die at an old age, but think about it. Think about all the people you knew within your life time who have died as a child, in their teens, 20's, 30's 40's, etc. They all thought they would make it to their 70's, 80's, even their 90's. It wasn't guaranteed to them and it's not guaranteed to you.

Knowing that I am dying gives me the incentive to live. Because we think we have 30+ years to live, we believe we can put things off but look at the facts. Did you accomplish all the things you wanted to do in your teens? How about in your 20's? It's amazing how quickly a year passes as you get older. Before you know it a decade has gone by and you didn't grab that opportunity, you didn't start that thing, you didn't tell someone you loved them.

You keep putting it off believing there always will be a tomorrow. The truth is tomorrow is not guaranteed. You could be at the wrong place at the wrong time and lose your life, do you want your last moments spent lamenting over not telling your parents that you appreciated everything they've done for you and that you loved them. Or worse, do you want to be in your deathbed at 86 regretting not connecting with that person who vibrates at the same level as you.

Life is right now, this moment and you can choose to live, doing everything you want to do in your lifetime, or die, letting each day pass without taking the next step closer to your drams, your goals, a better version of you.

Every morning you make that choice, don't leave it to habit, don't leave it to chance. Make the concerted effort to choose living YOUR life.

So to you, and you on your desktop, you on your smartphone, you on you laptop and you on your tablet,  I have one question for you,

are you living or dying?

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