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I didn't plan to start off with bloggers I knew, but this is the beginning and there really aren't any rules. I met the blogger/poet behind Passion's Pleasure, Robert Gibson, through the FaceBook group, Writers & Artistes about two or three years ago. We've supported each others' poetry over the years by leaving comments. He introduced me to websites like dVersepoets where I have met other interesting poets.

His blog is mostly, if not entirely poems that are deep, as well as erotic. I believe it is through communities formed through the internet that poets have the opportunity to transcend the waters that divide. It is through the support that a poet like Robert can share his work and take the next step and publish his work. This brings us to the pic above which is the cover of his upcoming book of poems. Definitely check out his blog for more info, check out the FaceBook page for more info.

A little about the blogger, in his own words,
I have been writing from the time I could string sentences together and started writing poetry at about 14 or so, while at secondary school.  I was introduced to it during my English Literature class and fell in love with it. My first poem was called The Students’ Lament and it poked fun at the entire school – from my classmates all the way up to the principal.  I read it out to the class and had them gasping for air from laughter.
I thought to myself, “I might have something here.”
I have written for love, written in pain, written for worship, and written just for the heck of it all.  I love writing:  I used to say that if I never got married I’d marry a semi colon; it’s so curvaceous … yeah, I’m a nut like that.
Before the wonder of the Internet, I had my collection of poems typed out in a Word document – but then came the fateful day when cruel fate snatched my muse and stabbed her in the heart with a power spike – in one second, I lost all my documents on that hard drive – including over a hundred and ten poems.
Since this blog’s creation, I have transformed from a shy guy who expressed himself only through his poetry into a confident spoken word artiste, boldly seducing audiences through sensual poetry….
I was just Bajanpoet here …  but I have become The PassionPoet … or Passion, for short.

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