Sweet Agony

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Hello, my name is Kimolisa and I am addicted to sugar.

In many a 12 step program, the first step is admitting you have a problem and boy, do I have a problem. I never noticed the extent of my addiction to sugar until I made the decision to cut back on the sugary foods and drinks I would consume on a daily basis for the New Year.

Easier Said Than Done
Instead of waiting for January 1 to start my reduction of sugary delights, I started three weeks earlier. The idea was not to eat any cookies, cakes and foods with the main ingredient being sugar, nor was I going to drink soda. I allowed sugar in my oatmeal and tea. What I didn't expect was how hard it would be.

I would go into stores and see candy from fudge to chocolate and I had to make the conscious decision not to purchase one. I remember one day after spending hours in line at the bank, I went to a drug store with the intention of putting credit on my phone.

As I walked to the store, I thought of picking up a Mountain Dew or a Coke for a quick pick me up. Then when I entered the store, I saw the fudge on the counter practically taunting me to pick up one. It was only EC $2.25, less than US $1. In the end I left the store without the soda or the candy.

This took a lot of will power, but in resisting the sugar, I noticed the following,
  • Sugary delights are so accessible;
  • It has become part of my psyche to consume sugary stuff without thinking;
  • It takes more mental energy to say no than to simply pick up the drink or candy/cake;
  • I am richer when I don't eat sugars, the money stays in my pocket for something that is not so easily consumed.
I also came across another reason why it was so easy to consume the stuff, my relations. When I mentioned to my mother that I was cutting back on sugary stuff, she said that she was not one to deny herself of things (I'm paraphrasing, of course).

Of course, that is her choice, but it's so easy to think that if mom has that point of view why am I denying myself of the good stuff?


The Reason Behind The Reduction

My grandmother on my father's side died from diabetes. My father has diabetes and according to a cousin who is a doctor, it is something that will be passed on to my siblings and me. It has always been in the back of my mind and sometimes when I'm drinking a soda or eating a cookie or five, I would remember that what I'm doing is only going to take me one step closer to needing to take insulin injections.
The Plan

I don't plan on completely going cold turkey on consuming sugary stuff. I recognize that when I don't eat properly, they help in keeping me going until I can have a proper meal. still I will be doing the following to ensure I stay on mission,
  • Eat every meal on time and ensure it is a good proportion so I don't have the need to eat something else to feel full;
  • Look into making smoothies for snacks, I know by 10am and 4pm, I get mad hungry so I better address those hunger pangs;
  • Drink more water, if anything it will dilute any sugars I do consume (I know that sounds not too credible);
  • Keep healthy alternatives at hand or look for healthier alternatives than what is accessible;
  • Eat cakes and cookies once a week instead of once a day.
Will it be easy? No. Is it what I have to do? Yes. This is the only body I have and I don't want down the road I would have to be taking medication on a daily basis. I can barely remember to take vitamins every day. I can't depend on others to keep me healthy, so in 2015, I will be a former sugar addict. Diabetes, you can skip this generation.

Enough about me, what are your health and fitness plans for 2015? It's never too late to make the change. Maybe there is something you are consuming that you can cut back on. What is your addiction?

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