Extrem Moisture Therapy Lotion [Review]

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Two weeks ago, I got a sample of the Vanilla Extrem Moisture Therapy Lotion from the Bi-Kai Cosmetics line of skincare products and was asked to review it. It doesn't hurt that I was in need of a travel size bottle of lotion and that one of my favourite scents is vanilla, so already I was a happy camper.

First things first, here is a little about Bi-Kai,

Bi-Kai cosmetics is an Antiguan based and owned cosmetics company specializing in 100% natural cosmetics. Our Research and development into making the best natural product has taken several years. During this time we have been formulating products that will not just outperform the competition but do it naturally. We painstakingly sampled ingredients and formulations until we found the purest ingredients that synergistically combined to form a system that greatly enhances the natural beauty of your skin.

When it was time to come up with a name we didn't want to just use any name. We wanted something that had meaning. Our name (pronounced be-ky.....sounds like sky) is a combination of two words from the Taino Indians who first live on the island. Bi meaning Life and Kai which means Nourishment. Nourishment for Life...

I liked the consistency in terms that it was creamy as opposed to being runny like some lotions can be. The scent is strong upon first application but it tones down as time passes but it doesn't die away. As this is the case the lotion could act as a scent in the place of perfumes or body splashes.

When I applied it on my hands it soaked in well instead of sitting on my skin. My hands were extremely dry and they became normal so I can only imagine how they will be after prolonged use. This leads to an experiment I plan to do.

I'll be using the Extrem Moisture Therapy Lotion on my Sahara like body parts (hands and feet) to see if I experience an overall improvement in the softness of my skin. Check back next week to find out the results of my experiment.

So far, I like the Extrem Moisture Therapy Lotion from Bi-Kai Cosmetics and I look forward to using more of their products.

Coming soon, an interview with the creative and technical mind behind Bi-Kai Cosmetics.

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